USD 38.00

EXPRESS COURSE, for the care of a newborn English bulldog plus EXPRESS GUIDE included

It includes essential information that every new breeder needs to know how to raise litters of english / french bulldogs, american bully and similar breeds during their first month of life:

  1. EXPRESS COURSE: course where we share 40 secrets, techniques and strategies, easy and practical in video, that can help you for the care of puppies and newborn litters, during their first 30 days of life. You will learn how to feed the puppies, the type of habitat they need, the care in their health and the treatment of diseases, as well as the processes of deworming, vaccination and weaning.
  2. EXPRESS GUIDE; Written and illustrated guide contains 110 secrets that will help you raise litters from day 1 to their first month of life, in addition to preventing the puppies from dying during this stage, caused by BAD CARE due to lack of experience, this guide is a tool that will help you save the life of your litter.

In total you will take 40 secrets in videos + 110 secrets written a total of 150 secrets at a super price! Do not miss out on this great opportunity

Now that you know what our Express Course is, you cannot miss this super opportunity.



What is the real cost of the Express?

This course has a symbolic price of $ 80 USD. Actually, it will be 2 at the price of 1.

The first: it is an online course, where you will find videos in which we explain our points in a more demonstrative way, many of our illustrations have been extracted from the videos made live by our founder Alejandro Salinas D. It contains 40 video secrets that will help you to raise your litter.

The second: a guide that is included as a gift, written and illustrated with 110 secrets that complement and extend the information of the express course.

In total you will take 150 secrets that will help you raise newborn puppies during their first month of life.

This Express Course is at a very affordable price. If we actually charge for each of our points reflected in it, it would be like a consultancy with a cost of $ 100.00 MXN, being a very low price for advice. A professional such as a veterinarian does not usually charge that amount per visit.

If we charge the true value of our course, you would be investing more than $ 10,000.00 MXN.

At the CaliBulls Cattery, we elaborated this short Express Course, so that many people who are thinking of acquiring any of our great variety of Online Courses, feel confident, since many could be in doubt about making this important investment, for the fact of not knowing our prestige, where more than 20 years of experience support us.

So don’t wait any longer and buy your Express Course now!